Have you been scammed in Thailand?

Fraudsters in Thailand and how we can help


Unfortunately Thailand has long established a reputation of being a hub for fraudsters and scam artists. Many different scams are committed in Thailand by organized criminals. From gold investment scams to stock trading scams, property scams, 419 scams and timeshare scams... The list seems to be endless and we urge foreigners to be vigilant with their financial affairs in Thailand.

The problem of fraud in Thailand is often made worse by the perception that the Thai police are reluctant to get involved with matters of finance; in fact they often are. International insurer AGCS has said that Thailand is the world’s second worst country when it comes to cybercrime. Nearly 20% of cybercrime victims reported losses of US $100,000 and over in 2015.

If you have been the victim of fraud in Thailand, what are your options? If the police are reluctant to get involved, who can you turn to? Thai lawyers often speak poor English and it can be difficult to articulate your problem to them.

PattayaPI will investigate any matter of fraud in Thailand and working together with our friends at JaCogLaw, help you get a successful result in court. JaCogLaw was founded by Jason Coghlan, who has a passion for helping people pursue litigation in foreign countries. As a native English speaker, he will be able to fully understand your problem and instruct Thai lawyers on your behalf.

Help us to help you fight back against fraudsters; get in touch with us and see how we can help.