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Debt recovery

Are you owed money? Without having the right connections it can be very difficult encouraging people to make good on their debts. Debts can be accrued in Thailand through many different circumstances. Perhaps most commonly debts are encountered through the sale of property or other valuable assets.

Thailand has often been described as the wild west of Asia. Unfortunately there can be very little recourse for financial or business disputes. Some people may think that they can run up large debts in Thailand with impunity, we aim to show that is not the case. Alongside our partners at JaCogLaw, PattayaPI will collect any debt, anywhere in Thailand.

Put us in your corner and allow us to do all the hard work on your behalf, taking back what is rightfully yours. We pursue every debt recovery case with an unrivaled tenacity. Our message to the debtors is very simple: “Pay.”

If you are owed money, get in touch with us today with the details of your case and see how we can help you.

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